Ani-Pals Pet Resort
248 S. 110th St. | Kansas City KS. | 913-422-8108


For the safety of our guests, all pets must have proof of current vaccinations before arrival, and be flea and tick free. We will be happy to call your veterinarian and have it faxed over.

Dogs: DHP, Rabies (1 or 3 year), Bordatella (Every 6 months)

Boarding rates
Dog suite: $33 per night, per dog
Luxury dog suite: $38 per night, per dog
Each Suite is 4x8 feet indoor + 4x8 outdoor, with a covered patio.
Suites include elevated beds and blankets in a comfortable, roomy enclosure.
Each Luxury Suite is 6x8 feet indoor + 6x8 outdoor, with a covered patio.
Luxury Suites include large beds, 32" TV's, and clear front doors overlooking waterfall and garden.
Military: 15% off boarding for all active duty / reserve military
Multi-pet family: 15% off boarding for two or more pets
Multiple pets in same suite: 15% off boarding for two or more pets in the same suite
Seniors: 15% off boarding for clients 65 and older
Long term: 10% off boarding for stays 10 days or longer
15% off boarding for stays 20 days or longer
Board three, 4th is free: 25% off boarding four or more pets
Discounts cannot be combined, and apply to boarding fees only.

What's included

  • Your dogs will enjoy outdoor playtimes and walks on our beautiful property!
  • Food is included, but you are welcome to bring your own if you would like.
  • Bedding is included, but you may bring your own bed if you would like, please clearly label personal belongings.
  • There is no charge for administering medications to your pets, but we can not administer injection medications.

Phone 913-422-8108 for reservations, or stop by anytime for a tour!